Meet Michael

I have been creating art through photos throughout my life, from Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Hawaii, Jamaica to Virginia. Born and raised in Texas by two wonderful & artistic music teachers! I have always had an eye to see special moments and a true passion for photography.

I love to capture those true moments, those moments that capture the real experiences of life. Faces in a crowd fascinate me, to be able to tell a story through photography is a great honor to me. Weather it be a love story, an intimate moment, or a moment of true love.

Michael graduated with an associated degree in photojournalism from the Colorado Institute Art, where he further developed an eye for the true passion of photography. Michael worked as a public relations photographer for 12 years for the World Famous Cheyenne Frontier Days & Rodeo in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Michael now lives in the Southwest Virginia area, and have served as a photographer for over 250 weddings in the New River Valley and all over the United States.

I have a beautiful teenage daughter. I love chocolate, and funny movies I could watch the Phantom of the Opera over several times. 

Michael brings a unique sensitive refined artistic eye and over 25 years of professional experience to your wedding day, ensuring unforgettable images that truly reflect the magic of your love story and the joy of your celebration!

"Whoever wants to know something about me as an artist....ought to look carefully at my pictures and try to see in them what I am and what I do. " - Gustav Klimt